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Mainly music

We love to sing and dance at the Ark and we are lucky enough that we can go to mainly music every week. There were lots of our favourite songs and plenty of room to boggie. We had glitter shakers, … Continue reading

Hot summer days

It has been super hot this summer and at the Ark we are loving the water play. We find different ways to be creative with our water play. We turn our sandpit into swimming pools, we will fill the climbing … Continue reading

It’s a new year!!

The children have been away on a wonderful summer holiday, and everyone has come back a little bit taller and with some fantastic stories to share. Many of or Tamariki have been sharing their beach fun and swimming stories. We will … Continue reading

What a great kick!

Macca came to the Ark to take his Friday soccer session. The children  got ready to take part. I watched as the children listen to the instructions that Macca is saying. He starts off with a game and then he … Continue reading

How high can I jump?

The boys were negotiating the tall box next to the sandpit. Could they jump safely into the soft sand? One by one they tried and encouraged heir friends to have a go. Some started standing up and some sitting on … Continue reading

Stretchy dancing bags

Ever since the dance extravaganza in which we danced on stage, the children have developed a common interest in rhythm and music. Dance is an international language and it doesn’t matter how old you are, how old well you can … Continue reading

Manaakitia – Tauranga primary production

The Ark has a close relationship with Tauranga Primary school as many of your children will transition to this school once they turn 5.  We were invited to come along and watch the school children’s production about taking care of … Continue reading

Daffodil day

It was all things yellow today at the Ark as we celebrated Daffodil day to show our support to families and our wider community. The children all came dressed in something yellow, we had yellow painting, yellow messy play, yellow, … Continue reading

Smell the flowers

  Our children have taken such great care to nurture their garden and it has paid off. Our centre is looking amazing and the aroma fills the air and all of the colours are beautiful, such a wonderful way to … Continue reading

Children’s Ministry

The children really enjoy their church visits as we get to learn about another new story from the bible. Our children’s minister Rachel tells the story in such a child friendly way the children are always engaged. After we will … Continue reading