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fire up your learning

We had a tree trimmed at the Ark and the Children were making pretend fires. To further this interest we had a fire in the sand pit. We had discussions about what you would need to create a fire and … Continue reading

mandarin tree

A branch had fallen off the mandarin tree, I tied it up for the toddlers to pick and peel their own fruit. Each child took only one piece of fruit sat and began to peel the skin away to eat … Continue reading


We celebrate many cultural festivities and Matariki is very important to all at the Ark. Matariki is the Maori new year. We have planted our new crops in the garden and we are planning a trip to see a kapahaka … Continue reading

Perceptual motor skills

We are incorporating more of these developmental skills we often used as a baby such as crawling. Preschoolers often forget to use that skill when we are a big preschooler, we don’t crawl anywhere. This is so important for children … Continue reading

dance lessons

We have begun having dance lessons at the Ark on a Friday. A teacher will come in from a dance school and teaches all the preschoolers at dance. When we know it really well we will invite our parents to … Continue reading


The children are learning about the virtues that will guide them throughout life. The virtue this term is consideration. At church service we learn from Jesus how we can be considerate of one another. The children have been considerate of … Continue reading

Water play during winter.

It is cooler now but the children are still interested in incorporating water into their play. The infants and toddlers had the water trough out with warm water today. Most of the tamariki tried to hop into the warm water. … Continue reading

Animal farm visit.

The children have been showing an interest in animals of all shapes and sizes, and today was the day we went on our annual trip to Marshalls animal farm. The preschoolers had a blast walking around to visit the animals … Continue reading

Mainly music

We love to sing and dance at the Ark and we are lucky enough that we can go to mainly music every week. There were lots of our favourite songs and plenty of room to boggie. We had glitter shakers, … Continue reading

Hot summer days

It has been super hot this summer and at the Ark we are loving the water play. We find different ways to be creative with our water play. We turn our sandpit into swimming pools, we will fill the climbing … Continue reading